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Sporting Regulations

What’s new in the 2021 regulations?

Let’s have a look at the amendments for the 2021 sporting regulations:

  1. Tyre Allocation (Art 6.5.4)

For the 2021 season the teams won’t be able to use used tyres as it was the case for the previous seasons. Teams will only be allowed to use new sets of tyres for each race. The GT3 cars will have an allocation of 4 sets for each race and the LMP3 cars 3 sets.

  1. Pit Stop for the LMP3 class (Art 12.4.2 et 12.4.3)

For the LMP3 class only, the number of pit stop will vary according to the tracks. Some tracks will be considered as “high consumption circuits” and some as “low consumption circuits”.

For the particular case of the “high consumption circuits” the LMP3 cars will have to operate two mandatory pitstops, instead of one.

For the “low consumption circuit”, the cars will have to do one mandatory pitstop.

  1. Pit Stop Handicap (Art 6.3.4)

For both categories, the performance of the Bronze drivers will be taken into account to determine an additional duration to be added to the pitstop time. The handicap time will be specific to each Competitor and adjusted after each Competition.

This mechanism will be detailed in a Michelin Le Mans Cup Committee decision. The Committee will also publish the applicable adjustments.

CLICK HERE to read the full 2021 sporting regulation