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Road To Le Mans: the winners reactions

LMC - 14/06/2019 - Sophie LIGER

Fabien Lavergne - n°71 Luzich Racing Ferrari: “It’s crazy to win here in Le Mans, for me it’s a dream come true. Just running on this track is even crazier. Now we have won, so I don’t know what to say. It was a tough race. At the beginning, when I was driving, there were some pro drivers in the other cars so I had to fight a lot, but I was able to put the car in the second place and Mikkel did an amazing job in the end.

“The last four minutes are really difficult when you are not in the car, it’s like 4 hours but I was really happy to see him taking the chequered flag. “

Mikkel Mac - n°71 Luzich Racing Ferrari: “Of course winning in Le Mans is really amazing especially due to the historic nature of the track, it’s something everybody is dreaming about. Now we get a little taste of the real victory so maybe we will get the big one one day.

“Everybody pitted at the same time. When I went out we were fourth and then I just found my way through the LMP3, I had to overtake a lot of LMP3 cars. It was also difficult to see which drivers were in the GT3 cars but it was really, really fun. I think that everybody was respecting each other and it was really nice to have a battle with another class, but still the respect.

Adrien Chila – n°39 Graff Norma M30: “It’s wonderful to get our first podium of the Michelin Le Mans Cup in Le Mans. We have chosen the best event ever, so this is amazing.”

Nicolas Shatz – n°39 Graff Norma M30: “When the n°25 got its drive through, I was fighting with the Duqueine car but it was complicated. When my engineer told me that the n°25 got a penalty I was really happy but then I had to keep focussing. The last two laps were the longest of my life. Those 7 minutes felt like an hour! But an hour of happiness, I had so much pleasure! I had a lead of 4 seconds, so I was able to handle it and take some pleasure!

“We were both really happy when we heard the French anthem on the top step of the podium looking at the teams of the 24 Hours of Le Mans getting ready for the qualifications. For us, as French drivers, this race is a dream; all the drivers dream about it. So we are just two happy drivers, as well as a happy team as they did a wonderful job.”

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