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Drivers’ reactions after FP1

LMC - 10/05/2019 - Sophie LIGER

Ross Gunn, n°99 Beechdean AMR Aston Martin Vantage: “We learnt a lot of things this morning about the car, the tyres, the circuit… Andrew (Howard) got some good running as well which is important for us because he does the qualifying and the first part of the race. We learnt a few things during FP1 that we are going to put in practice now in FP2 to try to improve the car, myself…

“Tomorrow it’s supposed to be raining, so luckily we got some wet sessions on Wednesday, which was really helpful. It’s good to do testing in different conditions in order to be fully prepare. But it’s the same for everybody else, the competition is hot, so it’s going to be tough, but we are up for the challenge.”

Duncan Tappy, n°25 Lanan Racing Norma M30: “During FP1 everything went according to the plan that we did with the engineers. It was good, I did a few laps, and so did Michael, and we are happy about the car. We had a small question mark concerning the clutch after that session, so we decided to make a change before the Bronze Tests Session, which cost us some laps. Mike did not get out before the last 5 minutes, but, even though he did one timed lap, it was a really good one, so we are ok.”

Michael Benham, n°25 Lanan Racing Norma M30: “The track here at Monza is really scary. In the dry it’s ok, but in the wet, when the rain comes down, with the trees, the park, the spray just hangs everywhere. On Wednesday, during the test day in was raining, I did 3 or 4 laps and when I arrived at the first corner, there was like a great wall with all the spray and when you got out of it you discover five other cars in front of you!  If it’s wet tomorrow, well, we’ll go for it. They keep saying me that I’m English, that’s what you are built for! Duncan is very good in both conditions, so I might have to take two brave pills to go out there!”

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