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Charlie Martin’s first impressions

LMC - 26/04/2019 - Sophie LIGER

Charlie Martin did her debuts in Michelin Le Mans Cup earlier this month in Le Castellet at the wheel of the n°11 Racing Experience Norma M30. Here are her first impressions about the event, the championship and her car.

Q: How did your first Michelin Le Mans Cup event go?

I’d say pretty well considering where we finished, I was mindful that it could feel like a big step up as there is a lot to learn this year, so I did a lot of preparation to make sure that I was in the best possible condition. Racing Experience have worked so hard to be ready and, on the button, we all felt ready and it was exciting to be out on track with the whole grid after so many months of planning.

Q: You finished 4th in qualifying and 4th in the race.  How do you feel about this result?

I feel super happy! With only two test days before race 1, I’ve already built good confidence in the car and we’ve had some fantastic support from Norma which has helped. You know you’re in the right area, but until you see everyone else’s times it’s hard to know where you are going to be… so qualifying felt really good, and coming away with a 4th place finish in our first race was a huge achievement, I really can’t thank the team enough for all their dedication.

Q: After a first look at the championship, what do you think of the 2019 LMP3 grid?

With so many cars and some very competitive driver line-ups, I think it’s going to be an action-packed season with some good battles for sure. It’s interesting to see more teams moving over to Norma this year, it’s a very healthy grid size too which is what we all want, it’s great for the fans and it shows just how popular this format of racing has become.

Q: What about Monza, what are your feelings about the coming race?

I learnt a lot at Castellet, and while I was frustrated with elements of my performance, there were lots of positives, so I want to build on them. Of course, I’m excited as I’ve never been there before, it’s another mythical track and I think it’s going to be intense… I’ll just keep working hard and preparing as best I can, my fitness is good, and I know where to focus my training.

I guess we are among the newcomers in MLMC, I quite like that feeling as it’s familiar to me and it means we have a real chance to showcase what we can do as a team.

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