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Barcelona Round : Winners’ reactions

LMC - 23/07/2019 - Sophie LIGER

Here are the reactions of the first ever winners of the Barcelona Round.

GT3 winners – n°8 Kessel Racing 488 GT3

Sergio Pianezzola: “After the second start I tried to manage and keep my position. After the first Full Course Yellow I passed the n°88 Porsche (Ebimotors) at the restart and I tried to keep my concentration. Giacomo (Piccini) did a good job because we had also some penalisations. I want to thank Giacomo and Kessel Racing for the hard word they did.”

Giacomo Piccini: “Honestly Sergio was amazing today. Yesterday was not so easy, we were not so happy with the car but in the end he managed to do a great stint. I’m not only talking about the speed but also about the race and Sergio really made the difference today.  And the team gave us a really good car, I was really happy about it. It was not so easy because we had some issues with the air conditioning but the pace was good so all went well in the end.”


LMP3 winners – n°3 DKR Engineering Norma M30

François Kirmann: “There was a lot of traffic, so I had to manage it as well as the tyres because it was a long race and it was very hot. In the end of my stint we had a Full Course Yellow so I went in the pit right on time. It was our first visit here but luckily we did some test before, so it helps a lot.”

Laurents Hörr: “It was not an easy stint, I struggled a lot with the tyres after a few laps but I managed it and I was always able to increase the gap so I think we did a god job. Concerning the championship, it’s not the circumstances we like, but we are lucky about that as we take the lead but best wishes to Michael (Benham, n°25 Lanan Racing Norma M30) and I hope to race him again next time. Now we are leading I hope we will manage it now, next race is in Spa and I’m very excited about it.”

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