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2022 . 04 . 27

Laurents Hörr: Four from Four in 2022?

Three titles in three years have made Laurents Hörr one of the most successful LMP3 drivers in endurance racing.

The 24-year-old German driver made his Michelin Le Mans Cup debut in 2018 with Spanish team CD Sport, sharing the LMP3 Norma-Nissan with several drivers during the season, including with French driver Fabien Lavergne, who later made a successful switch to GT, winning the ELMS LMGTE title in 2019.

In 2019 Laurents Hörr moved to DKR Engineering, joining French driver Francois Kirmann at the double championship winning team.Two wins and three further podiums saw DKR secure their third title in a row and the first for Hörr and Kirmann.

In 2020 Hörr remained at DKR Engineering, joining 2017 MLMC LMP3 Champion Jean Glorieux.Another strong season saw the pair take three wins from the first six races.

However, Glorieux was forced to miss the final round in Portimão, with Hörr taking 15 further points for third place with Wolfgang Triller, meaning the young German was declared the 2020 MLMC LMP3 champion on his own, with DKR securing their fourth MLMC title in a row.

In 2021 Laurents Hörr concentrated on the ELMS with DKR Engineering.The season got off to a slow start with Hörr sharing the car with three different drivers in the first three races.In Round 3 at Le Castellet, Laurents Hörr scored his first ELMS victory with Jean-Philippe Dayraut.

In Monza he was joined by 16-year-old Mathieu de Barbuat a partnership that would remain for the rest of the season.This netted the Franco-German pairing a further two wins at Monza and Spa and put them in contention for the title in Portimão. A 4thplace finish in Portugal was good enough to seal the title for Laurents Hörr and DKR Engineering by just one point ahead of the Cool racing duo of Matt Bell, Nicolas Maulini and Niklas Kruetten.

This season Laurents Hörr returns to the Michelin Le Mans Cup, joining American Jon Brownson in the no3 DKR Engineering Duqueine, as the team from Luxembourg look to take back the title they lost to Nielsen Racing in 2021.

Q: You are returning to the MLMC this season with DKR Engineering, with American Jon Brownson as your teammate. How well do you know Jon and what is the goal for you and the team this season?

“I met Jon for the first time at the end of 2020 when he started testing with DKR.I have been coaching him over the past season while he was in the Le Mans Cup with DKR.I think the aim is to get a trophy together with him and aim to improve his personal results more than going for a title.”

Q: Last season you won your third endurance racing title, adding the ELMS LMP3 championship to the two MLMC LMP3 titles you won in 2019 and 2020. When you started in endurance racing did you expect to be as successful as you have been when the competition in both series has been very strong?  

“As I am a very competitive person, obviously the goal is always to win.For me, personally, it is good to see I am capable of winning championship titles.You always have to believe in yourself and I always approach a championship with the aim of winning it. Winning the 2021 ELMS championship with a huge number of cars and strong drivers was very special for me and for DKR Engineering.”

Q: What do you do when you are not racing?

“As my FIA Gold Status says, I am a professional driver, I only do motorsport.I race, I do coaching days and I also run a karting team, which we run in national and international competition.”

Q: Do you follow or participate in any other sports?

“I don’t participate in other sports since I turned professional. I used to go skiing a lot when I was younger, I also used to do ski racing, like slalom, but I stopped around six years ago to make sure I wouldn’t suffer any injuries and always be ready for racing.

“I follow a lot of motorsports with friends and there is another sport that I stumbled across which I like and that is snooker.I really like the strategy behind the sport and it’s very satisfying to watch.”

Q: Who is your sporting hero? 

“I have two big idols. The first is Fernando Alonso.I am very impressed by his ability to adapt to different disciplines like when he went from F1 to Indycar and then to Le Mans.That was very impressive. And my other idol is Marc Lieb.He is close to me, almost part of my family since I was a child as our families are very close to each other.He made his way in motorsport with not being very wealthy from his family, which is the same for me, and this is why he is a big idol for me.”

Q: What is your current road car and what is your dream car, if not your current one?

“My current road car is a Porsche Boxster S 987, 2005, which I proudly bought myself last year.My dream car is either a Porsche Carrera GT or a Ferrari Enzo.I have to admit I am a big Ferrari fan.”

Q: What was the last book that you read?

“The last book I read was ‘Racing on the Edge’ by Michael Krumm, which is a great book about racing theories and so on, which has really helped me.”

Q: What is your favourite food?

“I live in Stuttgart, and they have a local dish called käsepätzle.It’s difficult to explain it but I think of it a German ‘mac ‘n’ cheese’ and it’s very good, I love it!”